Has the voluptuous Angelina Jolie already put new beau Brad Pitt on a short leash?  Is Brad Pitt already whipped?  A report says that Angie doesn’t like cigarettes and apparently hates the smell of smoke on her unconfirmed lover. So she has reportedly given the rugged Brad an ultimatum.

Smoking or sex.


Brad could benefit from  smoking more, as we all know what happened with Angelina’s  ex Bob Thorton and  his priceless sexual consulting services in hopes of ultimately making Angelina orgasm (or at least make her want to have sex with him more often).

Softpedia reports a source implied that the famous 30-year-old actress delivered Brad the choice – cigarettes or sex – as she hates the way cigarettes smell.

 And it appears that Brad chose Angelina over smoking.


But because kicking the habit is such a tough thing to do, Angie is helping him any way she can.  A close friend reportedly tells People magazine:
"Angelina wraps him up in love and comfort and he just calms down."

Bang Media also notes that Angie asked Brad to give up his smokes because his stunning girlfriend doesn’t like him smoking around four-year-old Maddox and baby Zahara. 

That sounds reasonable, but isn’t that what the great outdoors is in 21st-Centurty America – a smoker’s lounge?