Madonna is said to be very tough with her children. The Diva is very concerned for the wellbeing of her kids. She doesn’t allow them to watch television shows and only lets them see one movie a week.


The famous singer is more happy when her husband Guy Ritchie takes Lourdes, nine, and four-year-old Rocco on exciting trips.

"I’m a disciplinarian and Guy’s the spoiler. When Daddy gets home, they’re going to get chocolate. I’m more practical; I worry about their teeth and make sure they’re getting their schoolwork done”, Madonna said.

"I’m very scheduled, I make lists. Guy is into doing wild stuff outside, taking them out on bikes. He’s good cop, I’m bad cop", the singer added.

Madonna wants to keep her kids away from the influence of the media.


"My kids don’t watch TV. We have televisions but they’re not hooked up to anything but movies. TV is trash. I was raised without it. We don’t have newspapers or magazines in the house either”, the Like a Virgin hit-maker confessed.

"The kids watch movies every Sunday, so if they’re naughty, they get their movie taken away. If they’re a little naughty, then no stories before bed.", Mrs. Ritchie admitted.