christinaaguilera_033.jpgSoftpedia announced that Christina Aguilera will marry Jordan Bratman, music manager, next month.
She has already sold the wedding picture rights to People Magazine.

This is a common thing among celebs. What is rather unusual in this case is the price: ₤350,000. Compare that to $3 million! This being the amount that Demi Moore has sold her wedding pictures for…
Or to ₤1 million – netted by pop rival Britney Spears for her wedding…

Maybe Christina Aguilera is trying to cast a message through that, as she has been on several occasions very scrupulous about her image.
And very much against made-up, unnatural, built-up star images. Like the one of Britney – her well known rival.

The singer is really concerned about being natural.
Asked whether she considers implants, Aguilera declared that she couldn’t contradict her own lyrics from one of her songs that denigrate “cheap silicones” and promote inner beauty.