beyonce2.jpgThe Bosh posted today the speculations about Beyonce’s pregnancy.

“ Beyonce Knowles has always been bootylicious, but is she getting babylicious?
Gossips are wondering if the 24-year-old, Beyonce and hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z are expecting a child. When the couple visited London recently, Beyonce had a noticeably rounder belly than usual, prompting the pregnancy speculation to begin.

According to Australian gossip magazine, NW, "The baby rumours come hot on the heels of talk the couple are set to wed later this month." In an interview for Vanity Fair earlier this month, Knowles denied the persistent tale that she and Jay are already husband and wife, but sources close to the singer say she’s ready to walk down the aisle now.

"Beyonce is very much in love and does want to make the ultimate commitment to Jay-Z by marrying him," a friend says”.