Sharon Stone allegedly opened a new Louis Vuitton store in Paris completely naked – except for a designer coat.

The sexy actress officially opened the exclusive shop, in the French capital, last week, and according to onlookers turned up with nothing on but a jacket designed by the fashion giants. One onlooker told America’s New York Post newspaper:

 "Sharon showed up in a Louis Vuitton coat with nothing underneath. "That was it – she was like a flasher! She wore it as a dress."


Other stars at the lavish event, included Winona Ryder, actress Salma Hayek and ‘Murderball’ director Henry Alex Rubin.

Earlier this month, Stone defended disgraced supermodel Kate Moss over her cocaine scandal. The Hollywood beauty criticised the fashion companies, including Chanel, Burberry and H&M, that dropped the catwalk beauty from their ad campaigns after she was filmed snorting the drug.


Stone insists the fashion world should support Kate rather than punish her now she has checked into rehab. She said: "As for Kate Moss, I understand she has apologised and is changing her life. And I think that is the most important thing to happen. "We have to be aware people are allowed to make mistakes in their life. Whether or not a fashion house stands with her or not through it says more about the house than it does about her".
Source : The Bosh