LONDON — Sandy-haired English actor Daniel Craig was unveiled Friday as the star of the next Bond film, "Casino Royale" — the first blond Bond and only the second Englishman to play the suave British superspy.


"I had a couple of martinis when I found out," Craig told a rambunctious news conference in London.

Of the five other actors to play 007, only Roger Moore is English-born. Sean Connery is Scottish, George Lazenby Australian, Timothy Dalton was born in Wales and Brosnan is Irish.
A respected screen actor but not — until Friday — a household name, Craig acknowledged feeling uncomfortable with the level of fame his new role will bring him.

His favorite Bond? Sean Connery. Favorite Bond film? "Goldfinger." Favorite Bond girl? Diana Rigg in "On her Majesty’s Secret Service." (AP)