Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt accepted to shoot a nude scene in his upcoming movie "The Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", directed by Andrew Dominik, an adaptation of Ron Hansen’s novel.

Pitt, 41, who showed some parts of his body in "Legends of the Fall" and in the recent movie "Troy", is rumored to show even more skin in the anticipated film, which he’s currently shooting in Fort Edmonton, Canada.


A source tells US Weekly, "(In the script) a fully nude Pitt baths himself with a washcloth while standing in a tub.

This is a pretty long nude scene for any actor."

A few days ago, a paparazzi was arrested while he was trying to get some pictures with Brad Pitt, on the set of Jessie James. David Buston, 55, was found hiding in a building from the set, which was closely guarded from the public.

The photographer, who maybe was trying to get some nude pictures with Brad, declared he was innocent, insisting he’s not a paparazzi, because he concentrates mainly on photographing sporting events and weddings.
Source: Softpedia