paris-lindsay.jpgWell girls, looks like rich greeks are IN these days, or some Hollywood socialites have a thing for Balkan men.

New rumor is that Mary-Kate Olsen’s hunky ex-flame Stavros Niarchos has sparked a nasty catfight between archenemies Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

"As far as Lindsay is concerned, Stavros is way too good for Paris and he’s just slumming it," a source tells Star People.

Lindsay’s ire seemed to delight Paris, 24, who blatantly pawed her new trophy while in front of Lindsay, 19, at L.A. club Mood on Oct. 13.

"Paris was practically putting on a live sex show," a witness tells Star People. "She was all over Stavros, 20, and Lindsay was sitting in the corner absolutely fuming. If looks could kill, Paris would be stone-cold dead by now!

Stavros was sitting in a chair and Paris was lap dancing for him, and they were heavily making out," the witness says.

"Every now and then Paris would look over at Lindsay to make sure she was watching her and then she’d totally be all over Stavros. The poor guy could hardly come up for breath! Lindsay just sat seething, and the angrier she looked, the more Paris played it up!"

Although sources suspect that Lindsay’s contempt is because she’s actually fallen for Stavros, Lindsay’s rep tells Star People, "That’s 100 percent not true. Lindsay is very good friends with Mary-Kate, and she is appalled that Paris is dating Stavros."