Michael Jackson has been living in Bahrain since his court acquittal and has plans to move there permanently, it has been revealed.

Thomas Mesereau, who represented the pop superstar during his recent trial, confirmed that Jackson is now living in the Middle Eastern country permanently.


After he was found innocent of child molestation Jackson went straight to stay with his friend Sheik Salman Ibn Hamed Khalifa, crown prince of Bahrain.

“He has friends there who have been very loyal and helpful to him in a difficult period of his life,” said Mesereau.

Jackson’s previous home, named Neverland from the kid’s book Peter Pan, was famously indulgent. He had an amusement park built on the site to which he welcomed children with illnesses.

It has been speculated that Neverland may sell for between 50 and 100 million US dollars.