Madonna5.jpgMadonna nearly walked out on Guy Ritchie in the early days of their marriage.

The star has admitted that she rushed into making a commitment and couldn’t stop rowing with her new husband.

"I got married for all the wrong reasons," she explained in MTV documentary I’m Going to Tell You A Secret. "My husband did not turn out to be everything I had imagined him to be. I just wanted to end everything."

It was only later that the Queen of Pop realised that her expectations of marriage were wrong and that Ritchie was the perfect man for her.

"There’s no such thing as the perfect soulmate," she added. "Your soul-mate is the person that pushes all your buttons – p****s you off on a regular basis. It’s not easy having a good marriage but I don’t want easy. I thank God every day that I married a man who made me think. That’s my definition of true love."