Much has been written about the meltdown of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s friendship, with most of the commentary coming from Hilton’s side – but now Richie is addressing the rift.

"We really haven’t been friends in probably about two years," says Richie in a new interview with Jane magazine.


According to the Simple Life star, the duo’s friendship actually failed some time ago, but she’s still mum about what caused the falling out. "I know that Paris loves to talk about it and that stuff, but that’s just not my style," says Richie. So is there a chance of a reconciliation? "No not at this point," she tells the magazine.

Regardless of their feelings about each other, Richie and Hilton are under contract for another season of The Simple Life, a pairing that should result in an interesting clash of personalities.

"Nobody knows what the concept is right now – we’re just signed on to do it," says Richie, who makes her film debut in Kids in America, which opens Friday.


The bubbly starlet also addresses questions about her weight in the article, and denies rumors that she has an eating disorder.

"Nothing people say really bothers me, but that bothers me because I wouldn’t want somebody younger than me, someone who looks up to me, to believe it," she says.

Her father, Lionel Richie, went public last summer to attest to the fact that his daughter does not have a disorder. Instead, he suggested her dramatic weight loss was caused by the pressure of her upcoming wedding to boyfriend Adam Goldstein. “Oh common now, you can’t believe that BS!” – gossip or truth.


"But," Richie counters, "that’s not even what’s happening. I don’t know why (my dad) said that….I think what he meant to say is, like, if you’re doing a million things, obviously you eat less." 
Either that or drug abuse – gossip or truth.

In fact, Richie says she can’t wait for her nuptials – and is looking forward to starting a family. "I want our wedding to be huge. And I want everyone to come, and I want it to be the happiest day of my life."

As for kids, Richie says she wants a big brood. "I want five. I want three girls and twin boys."