As Star previously reported, sources claimed Katie’s strict Roman Catholic parents, lawyer Martin Holmes Sr. and homemaker Kathy, had concerns about their 26-year-old daughter — the youngest of their five kids — since April, when she and Cruise, 43, a twice-divorced Scientologist, began their romance. "Her dad must be upset that his baby girl is unmarried and pregnant," says a friend of Holmes.


But Katie may have a way to heal the rift — by getting Tom to buy a house in Toledo, Ohio, her hometown. The friend tells Star: "Katie believes that buying a place near her parents would lessen the drama that’s been going on." But the source says Cruise isn’t that keen on living in Ohio. "Tom probably thinks having a home in Toledo will only exacerbate the religious issue. He must feel that her family’s presence might confuse her as she converts to Scientology."

With only three Scientology churches in Ohio, Tom may be right to worry. And with their baby coming as early as this spring, "Tom would probably point out that buying a house now would be too much as they finalize wedding plans," says a source. But "Katie is determined to have her way. And, if possible, it’s also where she’d like to give birth."



She also might want to get married there — yet another source of contention. "Toledo came up in their discussions, but it’s a long shot," reports the friend, who adds that the couple plan to tie the knot sometime between Thanksgiving and the new year. "Tom wants to make it a Scientology wedding. But if they were to wed on Katie’s home turf, there might be pressure to have the ceremony with a priest as well."

The pair has also discussed the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in L.A., as well as a beach wedding in Mexico. But they’re really discussing more than locations. "They’ve been mulling over wedding scenarios," the friend tells Star. "Tom probably wouldn’t mind eloping, since he’s been married before. But Katie wants the whole nine yards with the white dress and her friends and family present — nothing extravagant, but elegant and tasteful!" And everyone getting along — if that’s possible!
Source: Maxine page