liz-hurley.jpgLiz Hurley hits out at Sienna Miller again.
After she has called her earlier this summer “a bit pedestrian”, now she found another flaw: Sienna’s new hair cut.

As Liz said, “That’s the thing about valuing trends above sexiness. It exposes your flaws. That cut exposes the poor girl.”

What lies beneath these “attacks”? And is it developing into a cat fight? With Sienna Miller leaving Britain for US, it is rather unlikely.

Liz Hurley,  turned 40 in June (05), has admitted she is lately behaving “like a lunatic”, as she goes through a mid-life crisis.
Hurley declared that she has developed a new energy and a lust for life since reaching 40.
When hearing her family say: “Well, you’ve done quite well with your lovely home in the country and your baby, so we guess you’ll be quieting down now… ”, she went nuts. And immediately started out a new swimwear range to prove she is in no mood to settle down.

Liz Hurley and her fiancé Arun Nayar met in December 2002 and already have a son, Damian.
The model wants yet another child with Arun. Liz would be happy to have another boy, but wants to give Arun the daughter that he craves for.