Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to be considering posing naked for a magazine cover to show off their fabulous bodies.

The pair still won’t talk about their relationship, but that didn’t stop American pop artist, Robert Delgadillo from painting the pair on canvas.
And get -this – the artist portrays the couple as Adam and Eve.


              can’t imagine those two in my living room like this

Hello! Magazine has a short item in a web story that reports that Delgadillo has placed the sexy couple in a picture and they have now "been immortalized on canvas in a painting."

The picture portrays the gorgeous couple as Adam and Eve, and is called ‘Temptation.’
That means Angelina Jolie naked, and Brad Pitt naked. And – if it follows the Biblical story accurately, Angie will be the temptress and Brad will succumb to her misguided wishes.