Softpedia announced today that Kim Cattrall, also known as “Samantha from Sex and The City”, has “borrowed” some features from the character she played in the series.

That is she became a sex expert in her real life.
Catrall, who has already written two books on the theme (“Satisfaction – The Art Of The Female Orgasm” and “Sexual Intelligence”), is preparing for the third and will be also hosting a TV show named after her second book.

The TV special is to be broadcasted in the US starting next month.
During the show, Cattrall will be talking to various people about their intimate life.


"It was so much fun. We took seven real people and we asked them all the same questions about sexuality and then we took four experts to comment on it. Then we traveled all over the world", Kim herself reported.

The actress was surprised that people were afraid to speak about their fantasies, being reluctant to admitting they do that.
"The biggest message […] is that we are not alone," the Sex and The City star stated.
"These feelings of sexuality, you know, are in all of us and they’re expressed in different ways."

Cattrall’s next book will be entitled “Everything I Ever Learned About Being a Girl” and will examine the social issues confronting girls before they become women.