kate.jpgKate Moss has flown to a Caribbean hideaway after checking out of drug rehabilitation treatment.

Kate is being comforted by close friend Meg Matthews, Noel Gallagher’s ex-wife, and has warned on/off boyfriend Pete Doherty that she can no longer see him if he continues to take drugs.

"If anyone can help Kate get through this, it’s Meg," a friend told the Sunday Mirror. "She has always been a part of ‘Moss’s posse’. Meg wrote her some really supportive letters while she was in the clinic which Kate found comforting and helpful."

"Meg made an entire career out of partying – a lot of the time with Kate. Drugs destroyed her marriage to Noel and nearly ruined her too. She hit rock bottom, but got herself out. She’s a wonderful mother and a good friend to Kate. Their little girls get on really well together and Kate is convinced that spending time with Meg is just what she needs."