You wouldn’t think it possible, but I can can actually empathise with the brash Nicole Richie.
You see, just like Nicole who rose to fame as a celebrity who isn’t really a celebrity, I am a writer who isn’t really a writer.

Like her close friends the Hilton sisters, Nicole managed to make a name for herself not by showing how good an actor she is, or singing like her father Lionel, or penning a brilliantly witty sitcom like ‘Frasier’ or ‘Seinfeld’.


No, she gained celebrity – or is it notoriety – thanks to her party girl behaviour, and what do we do when she says things like "I’ve just gone through so much in my life that pulling my top up just doesn’t seem like that big a deal"?

We reward her for it by giving her not one season, but multiple seasons of the cutting-edge ‘The Simple Life’ reality show, and right now she published her book called ‘The truth about diamonds’, I mean can it get worse than that?

Seems like these days anyone can be a writer.