Oh, snap! Brad Pitt’s had it with the paparazzi.

Brad called the police on Sunday night after he saw a shutterbug trying to take pictures through the living room window of his Malibu home. (He’s on hiatus from his latest movie, which is filming in Canada, until later this month.)

At about 7:30pm — after spending the day on the beach with gal pal Angelina Jolie and her two kiddies — Brad spotted the photog lurking outside his house. When the guy realized Brad saw him, he ran off, and Brad called the police.


"This just goes to show how low the paparazzi will go trying to get a photo," Brad’s mouthpiece said. "If they break the law, they will be arrested. This one got away but the next one won’t."


Of note, this is the first photo in which they are actually touching each other. Brad has his hand on her shoulder.