All is not well in Posh World. With a court case looming, a sick son to care for and a wandering hubby to keep under control, Victoria Beckham is also preparing for another pregnancy – her fourth, the gossip mags report.

"Posh pregnant again!" screams the front cover of Woman’s Day, ending all debate as to whether Posh has another bun baking in her miniscule oven.


Or does it? On closer inspection, the mag appears less certain than the cover makes out. The headline changes to "Is Posh pregnant?" further inside, and the mag’s evidence only adds to the confusion.
WD says a bizarre ritual recently held by David Beckham’s Real Madrid teammates is proof of the pregnancy. Throwing a player in the air several times apparently signifies one of three things: A birthday (David’s was in May), the arrival of a new player (he’s been there more than two years) or a pregnancy (bingo).
But there’s another option the mag doesn’t consider. Perhaps they were shaking the rich bugger down for some loose change.

Meanwhile, Woman’s Weekly take a different angle on the pregnancy. It says Posh is a Scientology convert and has enlisted the help of Tom Cruise in a desperate bid to cure her sick son and to help her have a safe birth. Well done Tom, that’s two successful conversions – including fiancee Katie Holmes – to your wacky religion this year.


WW says Tom promised Posh he would raise her profile in return for her soul, telling her: "You’re witty, have great comic timing and a fantastic accent. You have great potential to be a Hollywood star". What is Tom seeing that the rest of the world missed?