Tom Cruise has asked a federal court in Los Angeles to issue a restraining order that would prevent actress Brooke Shields from having more children. Brooke announced that she’s pregnant with her second child.


“She’s just going to get that post-partum depression thing again and take all kinds of anti-depressants,” said Cruise in a written statement. “In my mind, it’s a crime to take all those anti-depressants. Brooke Shields is still ignoring my advice, and I think it’s up to the federal government to prevent her from having any more children until she stops abusing those prescription drugs. It puts her children in danger.”

Shields is fighting back, saying it’s none of Tom’s business when it comes to her life.
“I try not to take anti-depressants, but sometimes people need medication to deal with depression,” says Shields in an interview with Us Weekly. “Two weeks ago, Netflix sent me the wrong DVD. I was expecting the ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ but instead they sent me ‘Vanilla Sky.’ I ended up watching the movie, and that night, I was popping Zolofts like candy.”