HOLLYWOOD – Jennifer Aniston found herself in the hot seat during a recent taping of CNN’s Larry King Live when the veteran broadcaster relentlessly questioned her about her rumored romance with Vince Vaughn.
The show will air tonight, with British actor Clive Owen to promote their new movie Derailed when King turned up the heat.

But a squirming Aniston wasn’t about to reveal anything. Giggling awkwardly when King started asking about the rumors, Aniston said, "God, I’m getting out of here." C’mon now, we’ve seen the photos, here once more:


And when the inquisitive host refused to let up with his line of questioning, the actress simply repeated the chat show king’s words as he said, "Vince Vaughn, we love him," and "He’s a national treasure."

But when King asked if the romance is serious, smiling Aniston just shook her head and said, "I’m not talking about it, I’m not talking about it… It sounds harsh to say ‘it’s none of your business’ (but) you learn your lessons, that’s all."
Source: Hollywood.com