Dennis Rodman, in his new autobiography I Should Be Dead By Now, has revealed that his ex-wife, Carmen Electra, used the 'N' word while having sex with him.

Rodman writes that he was stunned when he heard her utter the N-word and added that though he had sex with a lot of white women, the only time they used racially abusive language was when they were angry with him.


"I was stunned. I mean I've had sex with a lot of white girls and not one white girl has ever called me that unless they were pissed off." Femalefirst  quoted his autobiography as stating.
He also added that the Playboy model used the language in a manner of joking, and that she has no qualms about having it revealed.

"She's fine with it. She wasn't upset that people may get the wrong idea with her using the 'N' word; it was more of a joke." he added.