When I heard Anna Nicole Smith had been out for a night of bingo we thought she’d finally calmed down.
But no. Let’s just say the evening apparently ended with a barmaid in handcuffs and love bites aplenty.

Anna was spending the evening at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood for a charity round of the eyes-down game when the shenanigans started.


What started out as a tame night playing bingo for charity, soon turned into a wild sex party, when former Playboy playmate, Anna Nicole Smith, reportedly took blonde barmaid Tracy home as her prize.
And Tracy not only took pictures with her digital camera as proof of the sex orgy, but also showed them to patrons at Hamburger Mary’s, the Hollywood hotspot where the two met.

A source said that the wild night not only included lots of love-bites, but also handcuffs and butt-slapping.
"Anna Nicole put her in handcuffs and her neck was covered with hickeys. Anna Nicole was doing that butt-slapping thing," the New York Post quoted the source, as saying.

The source further added that the incident was made even more bizarre because of the presence of Anna Nicole’s son in the house at the time. "It was just bizarre. And her son was in the house," the source said.

Too bad I couldn’t find those photos, but it should look something like this, only one more girl aside.emoticon