After reading Nicole’s transcript on Larry King show, I became even more convinced that she’s having multiple person disorder. Don’t you? Gotta be the drugs. Kids don’t do this!


SEACREST: There’s a character in the book, Chloe. Chloe is adopted by a music superstar. Chloe enjoys a privileged wild child like life growing up, gets into drugs, gets into rehab.


RICHIE: Well, Chloe the character is loosely based on myself but no other characters are based on anybody else.

SEACREST: No other characters at all?


More proof that she is insane:

SEACREST: Tell me about Simone, the character in the book.

RICHIE: Simone is the person that she gets to campaign with and Simone really represents just all of the people that I have kind of pushed out of my life after I got out of rehab and kind of decided to really become an adult, you know. You just kind of press the delete button on people that are not good for you.


SEACREST: Simone, wouldn’t you agree, has some things in common with Paris Hilton?

RICHIE: Yes, she does

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