Kelly Osbourne has retired from showbiz at the age of 21. She has quit singing and said: "I don’t intend to do anything. I’ve been working since I was 15 – what do I want to work for?" Unlike to other people, that work was more like a hobby to her.

Meanwhile her birthday bash ended in disaster after a massive pillow fight triggered the hotel’s water sprinklers – flooding the building. Kelly’s 21st party spun out of control on the ninth floor of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel when Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend Stavros Niarchos reportedly sparked the play fight, according to America’s Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.


But within minutes events turned sour when revellers began hurling furniture around the room. One guest then allegedly threw a table at the ceiling which broke the head of a sprinkler causing water to cascade into the rooms. The fire alarms were then set off causing the entire hotel to be evacuated. One guest revealed: "The carpet was coated with pillow feathers. Every lamp was broken. A maid told us they ruined every pillow in the room".


"Paris’s stupid boyfriend ruined my 21st birthday," Kelly moaned. "It’s so unfair. The manager tried to make me pay for it, but I was having none of it. I said no bloody way because I didn’t do it. Stavros caused the damage, so he can pay. He’s a rich kid and they don’t appreciate anything because they grow up with it all. I find it really annoying."

One thing I found unclear. Why did she invite Paris to the party? They are friends right now? I hope not.