paris-baby-luv.jpgEvery time she ends up on gossip pages I become more convinced this girl is just insane and terrifically stupid.

Imagine this. You go to Las Vegas and you see a monkey. You like the monkey and you figure you wanna take him home with you. You know that’s illegal so you have to smuggle it. Of course if you are a non public person this can work out, but if you’re Paris Hilton, you have to be really dumb to think nobody will notice it.

Turns out Paris is just that and recently got letter from California Department for Fish and Game, were she was asked to return the monkey she called Baby Luv.

I just love the comment from Lisa Lange (PETA), here’s what she sad: "It seems Paris thinks animals are as disposable as friends and fiancés." Isn’t she hilarious?

Even the monkey tried to resist, he’s no full, he knows who Paris is. This week the poor animal tried to ran away when they went shopping. According to reports, the monkey bit Paris and clawed at her face as she entered Los Angeles designer boutique Agent Provocateur with the simian on her shoulder.

Let us just hope Baby Luv will be safe and away from Paris.