Vince while he was hot

People have been crediting Vince Vaughn for bringing a smile on his Break-up co-star Jennifer Aniston’s face, but the he has stunned everybody by stating that his relationship with Jennifer is not serious. He, however, stumbled over his physical relationship with Aniston. Is he kidding me?

Although Vaughn, who was recently photographed getting ‘close and personal’ with Aniston at a hotel balcony in London, where they had gone to meet the actor’s parents, has failed to deny sleeping with Aniston, he admits he is not dating the actress seriously.

When Vaughn was told, "It would be great if you just tell me what sex was like with Jennifer Aniston", his reply was, "Well, yeah, exactly. But see, in my position, you’re just like, whatever. There’s nothing that can come out of talking about that stuff."

"I’m not dating seriously. I hate dates and I don’t even like the concept. I try not to take it too seriously," The Mirror quoted him as telling GQ magazine.