Liz Hurley’s lover’s divorce from his first wife has finally come through – leaving him free to marry Liz. Indian businessman Arun Nayer was thrilled when he was granted a divorce through the English courts ten days ago and the pair has now flown to his native country to start planning the wedding.

Arun, Liz’s millionaire partner, – who was married to Italian model Valentina Pedroni for seven years – told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Elizabeth is delighted that Arun’s divorce has finally come through. It was all very hush-hush and very rushed through an English court. Very few people knew it had been finalized. Like Liz and Arun, Valentina had tired of the whole sorry saga and just wanted it to be over." Liz, 40, has reportedly told friends the couple plan to wed in the new year.
They have chosen a 16th century fort – now a hotel – for the event.

"They are delighted with the venue," a friend told the News of the World. "They’ve been looking for the perfect place for ages and now they’ve found it."


Celebrity guests will include Elton John, Patsy Kensit and the Beckhams.

"They haven’t decided on the exact date yet," explained the friend, "but it will be some time in March. Liz has some very high-profile friends and she is determined to keep the security very tight and the details top secret."

Liz Hurley is planning to marry her Indian lover dressed in a traditional sari and riding an elephant.
A source revealed to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: "Liz has made up her mind that she wants an Indian princess-style wedding. She loves the colorful traditions of the country and wants to embrace them.
"She is very keen to arrive on one on an elephant – but it depends on logistics and whether it actually fits in with the ceremony. Earlier this month, she confessed she gets horrifically ill whenever she sets foot in her lover’s country.

Liz said she was sometimes left so weak doctors put her on a drip for days and has to take special care when eating, drinking – and even showering. She said: "I have a dry flannel right across my mouth like a gag when I take a shower. When I take my make-up off at night I don’t let water touch my lips "I feel like the looniest of Californians".  So maybe you shouldn’t be marrying in India.