So many people wanted me to write something about Sienna’s new haircut. People what’s all that fuzz about? Because I really care about all of you, here it is…

Sienna’s hair
Whether it be brunette and sleek or blonde and tousled, Sienna’s hair always looks gorgeous and compliments her style perfectly!
Sienna cut her hair short for her role as Edie Sedgewick in Factory Girl. It’s a big step if you already have long hair but, if done well, this cut can really emphasize your cheekbones, and can be a welcome change! Ask your hairdresser for a graduated bob, with your hair being slightly longer around your face, and be sure to bring in a picture too. As for color, the blonder the better!


To re-create this style at home, use a volumising spray all over the roots of your hair, and blow-dry with a round, bristled brush to get a sleek effect. Remember to use a side-parting!
Although usually quite scruffy, Sienna’s hair at the Alfie premiere was sleek and full of life. She has a couple of hair slides at her temples to keep back her fringe (which is good if you like a fringe some of the time but not all of the time!) She’s probably dyed her hair medium blonde and then added some lighter blonde highlights on top.

To style your hair like this, use a volumising spray at the roots of your hair and then blow-dry with a large round brush to achieve volume and the shape at the ends.

Even though this look is very glamorous, be careful not to make a clear parting – keep just a little of that scruffiness!

sienna-kosa_1.jpgSienna had some long layers, and lots cool blonde highlights here, but be careful not to go too blonde if you have naturally dark hair. Style your hair by rough drying with a little mousse and remember that Sienna usually has a centre parting! Work some wax through the ends and individual strands to get a bit of texture. The really pale blonde strands you can see are, in fact, extensions, and can cost as little as £3 each – and it saves your hair from harsh bleaching! Try Racoon International.

Tip: Sienna has plaited small sections of her hair just under her parting for a subtle yet effective hippy look.
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