jackowacko.jpgI think nothing can surprise me when it comes to Jacko wacko. Is this celebrity gossip or, like Michael mom would like to say, another evil plot against her son.  If you ask me he is crazy enough and no one would like his children anyway.

Michael Jackson’s ex wife, Debbie Rowe, has made a shocking statement, revealing that Prince Michael Jr. I and Paris are not the star’s biological children. They had been conceived, if Mrs. Rowe is telling the truth, with anonymous sperm from a semen bank donor, whose name, of course, was not mentioned.

And, even more shocking, the pop star was all this time aware of that:
“Michael knows the truth – that he is not the natural father of Prince Michael Jr and Paris. He has to come clean. I have no information whatsoever about the identity of the semen donor for either child as such (semen) was obtained anonymously from a semen bank under an agreement of confidentiality,” Rowe told Irish newspaper The Sunday World.

Deborah Jeanne Rowe was Michael Jackson’s dermatologist nurse. They got married in 1996 and divorced later in 1999. Rowe declared that she wanted Jackson to have the children as a “gift”, so she gave up her parental rights, but from 2005, a family court case is under way regarding visitation rights.

Another eccentricity of the pop star is him not allowing his ex-wife to tell their two children she is their mum.
The woman has the right to visit Prince Michael (8) and Paris (7), but she can’t reveal her true identity.
“That topic is off-limits. But it will be revisited when they are older,” a source told America’s New York Daily News.