Finally somebody noticed Justin’s skueaky voice. I thought the world just went crazy and deaf. 
Justin used his distinctive high-pitched whine to his advantage on hit album Justified.  He also squealed all the way through single Cry Me A River — and landed a No2 hit.

But, now he wants to make it in the movies, he reckons sounding like a teenage Michael Jackson  will do him no favours. Justin has missed out on two Hollywood film roles because casting directors thought he sounded too much like a boy.
At first they refused to tell him why they had reached their decisions, in case it hurt him.  But he wanted to know if he needed more acting experience.

And they eventually confessed they rejected him because he sounded more like a 12-year-old boy than an action hero. “He needs a deep, dreamy voice like George Clooney if he is to be a big-screen sex symbol”.
So he has been doing voice exercises day and night in a bid to develop a deep voice, and who knows maybe next time we hear Justine it will indeed be like George Clooney’s.  Oh and I really think that David Beckham should join Justin.
The Sun