An obsessed EMINEM fan was found guilty of murder on Thursday, after a London court heard how the rapper’s violent lyrics inspired him to kill.

CHRISTOPHER DUNCAN, a 26-year-old builder, bundled his bludgeoned victim JAGDIP NAJRAN into a suitcase on 13 May last year, copying Eminem’s actions in the music video for his 2000 song STAN. Najran bled to death in the case, which was said to be almost identical to the one in the video.


Duncan, who has spent thousands of dollars (pounds) getting the same tattoos as his idol, met Najran after she became impressed by his ability to impersonate the rapper.
Police are now investigating whether Duncan carried out other unsolved murders in the British capital.

Prosecuting lawyer JONATHAN LAIDLAW told the court the couple had met that night and gone back to the defendant’s home for sex: "At the karaoke bar as the evening progressed the defendant sang Eminem songs and knew the dance routines.


The defendant came to the manager’s attention which he described as quite aggressive.
Once after finishing a song he went to a group of women and called one of them a bitch."
Duncan is due to be sentenced on Monday.
Weird right?