Can you imagine having Papa Joe as your father? He is one sick dude.

He’s new venture is selling his daughter private life on TV, newspapers, magazines, you name it. Just this week Papa Joe sold, what appears to be, Jessica’s break up diary, to the In Touch magazine.

jessica and papa joe

Here is an excerpt:

"Everybody says, "you must be so mad at Nick." But it isn’t about anger. Not anymore. Today marks one week since the official breakup. There was something so final about waking up this morning, alone in bed. Even though Nick had called, there was-for the first time in years-no deep, reflex-like need to call him back. At that moment, it seemed like the marriage was over, for good. It was scary." In another entry, she talks about the VH1 Big in ’05 Awards and how she "tried to cancel the show but everyone said, "you’ve done nothing wrong," and that Lindsay Lohan came up to her that night and said "you go girl." It goes on for seven entries.

I seriously doubt that Jessica wrote this, it’s definitely her creepy father who tries to make mend fences for deal he had made with OK! Magazine that pissed all the weekly’s off? What’s next? Will Papa Joe make a deal for a new reality show that has cameras following Jessica around throughout her separation? I would love to see those ugly fake lips on camera.
photo: dlisted