Singer Pete Doherty’s former drug dealer has begged him to have an HIV test — after he was diagnosed with the virus.

Owen O’Dwyer, who started selling heroin to the singer three years ago, claims they regularly injected it together.

His doctors have told him to contact everyone he shared drug paraphernalia with — in case they have become infected.

Owen — recently told he got the disease five years ago — said: “I’m terrified Pete might have HIV.


“I had no idea I had the disease when we were doing drugs — I want him to know this was not intentional.

“We didn’t share needles but we kept our needles in the same glass. I’m worried blood on the needles may have mixed.”

Reformed drug addict Owen, 33, said he had tried unsuccessfully to contact the Babyshambles star.

Doherty, 26 — who walked out of drug rehab last month — admitted in a recent interview that he was “terrified” of getting HIV.
The Sun