britney and kevin prenup details

I guess there was a prenup after all. Star magazine published a little story about that. Turns out Britney is not that stupid.

She wants to keep every penny she earned during her miserable marriage. Her fortune is worth about $50 million, and since Federline came into her life she earned about $12 million for her fragrance deal with Elizabeth Arden and $32 million from her touring. And all this money is untouchable, her lawyer sad.

The only thing they will have to split is their Malibu mansion. They invested $7million in renovation and will split it 50/50.

Any present valuable more than $10,000 ( not in jewelry), like his chopper that he got for Christmas last year, must have a document stating who will own them or will be split 50/50.

Considering his spending habits, Federline will need spousal support. His payout $30,000 per month for a period of time equal to half of the length of his marriage.
Star; photo:teddy&moo