brooke burns

Brooke Burns, who broke her neck last month after diving into her backyard pool, says her accident could have been fatal.

Brooke credits her friend that was present at the time, for saving her.

“He saw me dive in, and he wrapped a wet towel around my neck and basically immobilized me and floated me in the pool until the paramedics came, so he saved my life," she says. "If I had been with anyone else that tried to move me, I would be at least half paralyzed if not completely paraplegic."

The bright side of it all is she got closer with her ex husband Nip/Tuck actor Julian McMahon. He was the first one in the hospital when the incident happened.

Her manager sad to People she will make 100% full recovery. Brooke says she’s grateful to be alive. "I’ve been praying a lot lately … thank you God that I am alive and can put my arms around my baby girl."