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"Miaow! Naomi Campbell’s got her claws out for Christmas…

This time her victim is fresh-faced media darling, Sienna Miller.
The 35-year-old catwalk queen was sticking up for her pal Kate Moss:
"A lot of people compare the actress Sienna Miller to her," Naomi told the Daily Mirror.
"But I can’t stand to hear that. I don’t know Sienna Miller but there is no comparison to Kate. I don’t like imitations, I like the real thing."


Sienna, if you’re thinking of retaliating, be warned. Naomi is one tough customer.
There have been stories of catfights in restaurants, with assistants, and with other models – she’s had a long-running feud with fellow black model Tyra Banks, that was recently aired on Tyra’s TV show.

But Kate Moss, who’s recently finished a stint in rehab, seems safe from Naomi’s wrath.
"I met Kate only a few weeks ago in New York and we both cried because she’s really been through a lot," said Naomi.

"She’s looking better than ever – she’s an icon."
You see Naomi, you’re a pussycat after all."