misha barton marriage

Looks like we’re gonna have another celebrity newlywed. Mischa Barton is planning to tie a knot with her boyfriend, Cisco Adler, who by the way was one of Kimberly Steward’s fiancés. I wonder how long will it last?

He popped the question back in November, while presenting her with a giant bunch of tropical flowers, according to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

In the meanwhile, Mischa’s publicist, Craig Schneider, urged her to bed the Hollywood heartthrob (Leonardo DiCaprio) to give her more publicity, but didn’t because he was too old. Which means that if he wasn’t, she would probably do it?

She claims when she and Craig spotted the "Titanic" star at a photoshoot in Malibu, he turned to her and said: "For the sake of your career, go and sleep with that man."

But Mischa said she was put off dating DiCaprio because he is ten years older than her, adding: "Isn’t Leo like, 30, or something?"