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GOOD to hear JENNIFER ANISTON’s old Friends are sticking with her after her year from hell.

Jen — Rachel in the world of Central Perk — has been through the mill since BRAD PITT jumped into the sack with ANGELINA JOLIE.

But her former Friends co-star COURTENEY COX showed strong support in an awkward face-to-face encounter with Brad on Wednesday.

Just like her sitcom character Monica, she wasn’t shy in letting him know where her loyalties lie.

Courteney was at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles when Jen’s ex-hubby bowled into the A-list haunt with pals.

He confidently walked over and offered to buy her a drink.

But it wasn’t quite cappuccinos with Ross, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe — all Courteney offered was a cold shoulder and a polite:

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

An onlooker said: “Brad really got the brush-off. Courteney saw him making his way across the room and swivelled in her chair to face the opposite way.

“Brad stood right next to her and tried to strike up a conversation but she was having none of it.

“It was embarrassing for Brad. He had a few friends with him and she just made him look stupid.

“He tried to buy her a drink but she politely told the barman she didn’t want one.

“Brad walked away with his tail between his legs and a look of bemusement on his face.”

I have to say I understand why Courteney served up the snub.

She remained pals with both Jen and Brad after their split but as soon as she realised that rumours about Brad’s fling with Angelina were true her feelings changed.

Since then Brad has been totally shunned by most of the other movie chums he shared with Jen when the pair reigned as Hollywood’s golden couple.

Earlier this month Brad formally adopted Ange’s kids, which suggests marriage is now on the cards.

Her son MADDOX and daughter ZAHARA now have the surname Jolie-Pitt.

Legal eagles reckon the next step is bound to be a wedding.

Top US lawyer Evan Schaeffer said: “Although it’s possible to divorce one’s wife or husband, one cannot divorce one’s adopted children.

“In this sense, adoption is more binding than marriage. You can’t quit being an adoptive parent — and there can be no wiggling off the financial hook.”

Brad and Angelina spent Christmas with the children in his Malibu mansion — which she finished moving her stuff into last week.

I wonder how Courteney, who lives nearby in LA, will react if she bumps into Angelina over the supermarket veg counter?
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