When is this crazy baby name trend gonna go away. Apparently Jordan and Peter have just joined in. They are planning to name their next child ‘Pink’, says Australian AP.

"We will have another child," said Jordan. "We'd love to have a little girl. I'd have to call her Pink or Princess, because she'd be my princess."

Meanwhile, she is also planning to have another breast op. I just hope is not enlarging those huge boobs even more. It looks disgusting already, maybe I’m just saying that ‘cause I’m a girl. Who knows maybe some guys find it sexy.

 "I'm only human, and I'm not as pert as I was," she admitted. "If I can find a doctor who will make me more pert but doesn't leave me with massive scars than I'll have an operation – if I can't then I won't."

jordan's boobs

  they are even bigger if you enlarge this photo