barbara hershey& andrew

Naveen Andrews, who plays Sayid on Lost, AND has been dating 57-year-old Barbara Hershey for seven years apparently, has a love child. While he and Hershey were on a "break" last year he hooked up with another woman, and just found out that he impregnated her! He’s only 36 by the way!

The baby’s mother is pretty student Elena Eustache, who has alleged in the past that she had a intimate relationship with the British-born actor during which he regularly flew her to the Lost set in Hawaii for love-making sessions.

When Elena announced she was six months pregnant following a year-long affair with Naveen, he denied those claims, branding her claims of an affair as "ridiculous."
Later on Naveen took a DNA test to establish paternity, and released a statement saying that he will take care of the child.

Naveen’s publicist, Kane said Hershey and Andrews have long since worked things out and remain committed to their relationship.