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Mischa Barton’s temper can run hot when it comes to Cisco Adler. Although they were in perfect harmony while vacationing in Miami recently, they erupted into a public fight at the Hotel Victor, a source tells Star People.

"They were swearing at each other and stormed into their bungalow and slammed the door." It started when Cisco, yelled at Mischa, because she wanted to party with her posse, not just him, the source says. Then, Mischa "screamed back at him" that the revelers were her friends and "she wanted to have fun with them!"

mischa barton

But the night was saved by when, their “angel” – Nicole Richie,  arrived to hang out with Mischa, prompting the lovebirds to cool off. The night ended with Mischa, Cisco and Nicole piling into Nicole’s car and heading off to the Setai hotel to party.