Such stories have always been around, but in the past few days the trickle has turned into a deluge. A PAGE SIX tattletale claims, for example, that actress Kate Capshaw, wife of Steven Spielberg, brought eight children into the Milky Way restaurant in Los Angeles and was "incredibly demanding.

kate capshaw"She sent everything back and nothing was done correctly – the tea was too cold, everything. So the waitress was run ragged and at the end she didn’t even leave a tip – and the meal was comped."

To make the tale even more embarrassing, the Milky Way is owned by Spielberg’s mother. But Capshaw’s representative, Marvin Levy, insisted that our source’s no-tipping tale was utter hogwash.

"Kate hasn’t been there in a year and she always tips," Levy assured us. "If she didn’t leave one, it was because it was already taken care of. Kate is not that kind of woman."

Another new story involves Capshaw’s best friend, Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson.

"Rita has gone to the same manicurist for six years," claims our source, "and for six years all she leaves is a lousy $2 tip."



Other alleged bad tippers include:

Tiger Woods is said to be "very cheap because he doesn’t carry cash," according to a waitress-type on Star Jones has also used this excuse before, once telling a waitress (who then wrote up the experience in the New York Observer), "I forgot my wallet or I would tip you," after she was given a free meal.

usher tiger woods

Usher is also said to be a no-tipper. According to the same Web site, "Usher never tips and never pays the bill, always letting someone else foot the bill."

On the flip side, there are some celebs known to be huge tippers:

howard stern natalie portman

Howard Stern and Natalie Portman are said to be very generous, but the titan of tipping has to be Jamie Foxx, who regularly hands out hundreds of dollars to gleeful nightclub staffers during his frequent nights out on the town in Miami and L.A.

jamie foxxOne grateful waitress at L.A.’s Sky Bar told PAGE SIX:

"I love Jamie. One night’s worth of tips from him pays my entire rent for the month. He is my hero." And Bill Murray once left his waiter an $80 tip on top of a $60 check – "he made my week."

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