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A battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be brewing according to a report. Angie and Brad have some differences when it comes to giving birth to their first child.
A source says Brad and Angie are discussing the issues of the birth and are struggling with the terms.
It has been sad that Angelina wants Maddox to be present in the same room when she gives birth. And while Brad wants Angie to give birth in L.A, Angie is having a second thought and wants their baby to be born in England.

"It seems Angelina believes that while Zahara is too young, Maddox should play some part in helping his new sibling come into the world, and insider dished to the magazine.

"But Brad feels it would be too difficult for his son to see his mother in pain," the report reads.

Seems they can hardly agree on anything nowadays.
But it’s always nice to see them kissing, and is there a better place to reconcile than Paris.

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