Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora’s former personal assistant has been named as the woman who came between the rocker and his wife, Heather Locklear. Stephanie Heaton, a 39-year-old brunette, worked for Sambora for seven years before she was fired last year.

Heaton allegedly emailed the rocker racy photos – one showing her lying on her side, wearing only fishnet stockings and boots, and another one of her wearing "a baby-doll nightie in a provocative pose."

The publication claims Heaton was fired for getting too close to the star and "acting like Richie’s wife, and a mother to his and Heather’s daughter, Ava." Locklear believed the couple had severed all ties with Heaton, but recently found out that her husband and his former assistant were speaking on the phone every day.
Star Magazine