demi moore ashton picturesHere we go again.  After Richie  Sambora’s earlier X-Rated e-mail disaster now Ashton Kutcher was busted by wife Demi Moore checking out an e-mail form a hot blonde that somehow procured his e-mail address.

The sexy girl claimed she was a fan and sent several sexy photos in provocative poses and the gal was completely naked reports the Enquirer.

Ashton was amused, the report reads, and forwarded the pictures of his naked blonde fan along to all of his buddies.  Demi thought that was no big deal at first, as she just figured the pics were some online porn.

But Mike Walker reports when she  realized that it was a fan that was sent directly to Ashton he was busted.
She didn’t exactly go Heather Locklear on him but she did order him to delete them and dump that email address.

National Ledger