clay aiken web striptease pictures

National Enquierer publish an interesting set of photos today when you can clearly see Clay striping on a webcam. They claim they got the photos from a 22 year old gay school teacher (are there any teachers at that age?), who says Aiken performed the crude striptease in a bid to solicit him for sex via a gay website.

While Aiken has repeatedly denied he is gay, ex-soldier John Paulus told how he also shared 90 sordid minutes of passion with Aiken in a hotel room on January 2. More evidences are surfing when this teacher from Boston, Mass., who did not want to be named, said he met Aiken on the gay chat site

At the site you can find excerpt from their chat that supposedly happened last December 5 — one day before Aiken appeared in concert in Boston.

Here is an excerpt from the chat:
Aiken: are you interested in me at all?
Source: ummmmmmm
Source:: isn’t every gay man in america?
Aiken: i dunno
Aiken: im only asking you now
Source:: that seems a bit self explanatory
Source:: otherwise I wouldn’t be chatting
Source:: hehe
Source:: you’re gorgeous
Aiken: ME?!?!?

Source:: you’ve never posed shirtless?????
Aiken: just need to be a little careful
Aiken: no
Source:: really?
Source:: howcome?
Aiken: no one wants to see this
Aiken: its boring and white
Source:: and sexy and smooth and lickable
Aiken: well you may feel that way
Aiken: but the only way youll see it is in person
Aiken: i dont have what you have to show off

Source:: I’m just another piece of meat to a celebrity with a new boy in every town
Aiken: but why was it taht you wanted to meet me
Aiken: HA HA
Aiken: if you think i have a new boy in everytown !!!HA HAHA
Aiken: tahts rich
Source:: come on
Aiken: but i wont be able to convince otherwise of that either
Source:: you don’t manhunt yourself a new guy on each tour date?
Aiken: i am a skinny white guy
Aiken: i will admit that i try often when i have a day off
Source:: hahahahaha
Aiken: but i RARELY find an attractive guy my age
Aiken: when i do
Source:: you must have high standards
Aiken: 80% of them dont believe me
Aiken: 15% of them dont like me
Source:: and I’m the other 5%
Source:: ?????
Aiken: and 3% i chicken out on
Aiken: i have meet ONE guy off of here this year
Source:: hahahahahaha
Source:: WIMP!
Aiken: it was on my summer tour in indy
Source:: oh?
Aiken: very nice guy
Source:: he cute?
Aiken: we stay in touch

Aiken: well.. despite the fact that you have set me up for dissapointment tonight
Aiken: you do seem like a pretty nice guy
Source:: and a potential enjoyable wednesday night
Aiken: i wont deny that the initial attraction is the looks
Source:: of course it is
Aiken: but you have been pretty cool since we’ve been talking
Source:: well thanks
Source:: I like beeing "cool"
Aiken: youre obviously a little disturbed because you think i am attractive!
Source:: welllllllll
Aiken: but.. we can work through that
Source:: my glamourized hollywood image of you…..
Aiken: oh.. so now that youve seen the real me…not as attractive anymore?
Source:: you’re cute