Angelina Jolie, once a strong independent woman now reportedly fears Brad Pitt will do exactly as her dad did and leave her after their baby is born a published report will claim this week.

In Touch Weekly reports that Jolie is feeling insecure as her due date draws near, Angelina and is beginning to worry about her future with Brad. 

Is it hormones? Perhaps.
Will Brad Leave?

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Behind this bizarre reaction was a deeper fear: As her May or June due date approaches, Angie  is growing worried that Brad  will wind up leaving her – just as he left ex Jennifer Aniston.

"She can’t shake the feeling that what they have is so perfect, it can’t last,” says her pal.  “It’s an irrational fear because Brad keeps reassuring her that she is the love of his life and they’ll be together forever.  But Angelina has this dread that happiness will be snatched from her."

Making matters worse, Angie’s father, actor Jon Voight, left his family when Angie was a baby – and friends believe she suffers from self esteem issues as a result.  “She can’t really believe that Brad will stay loyal and true,” notes her friend.  “She knows that her worrying is torture for Brad, but she can’t help it.  Her pals are hoping that the baby’s arrival will wash away her insecurities – and that she can make her happiness last.”

This seems a bit out of character for Jolie – but as her hormones and fears have taken over, she has moved her entire family to Europe and reports even suggest she may have her baby in Paris or even Africa.