Vince Vaughn is a big guy. At 6’5" and 220 pounds or so the hunky American actor is a presence. So when he told his sweetie Jennifer Aniston to put on just a bit of weight, she was surprised, but a report claims she was also thrilled.

An insider dishes to Star Magazine that "Vince wants Jen to put on 20 pounds."

She’s far from rail thin, and she should be able to gain that kind of weight and still look fab. She reportedly plans to put on the weight in a healthy way, but Defamer grabs an insider rumor and reports that the girl is indeed not afraid to put away some calories to please her man.

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The report is from detailed email from one of the alleged staff working the Vanity Fair Oscar party. In other words – take it with a grain of salt:

Jennifer Aniston was one of the first to arrive, sans Vince Vaughn – I think she’s just as beautiful off screen as she is on. Her short little gay friend made me offer her a tuna tartar because he said she was “stah-ving” but she refused. Looking back at her 2 minutes later, I see her wolfing down 2 slices of pizza… Go figure…

But hey – the e-mail matches the Star report.


If the report(s) are accurate – Jen’s yoga and workouts should keep her weight gain proportionate and will likely have her looking better than ever.

Plus – if she really gets pregnant this year, a few extra pounds won’t hurt as she plans to carry a baby for nine months.