Life & Style Weekly is riding Tom Cruise’s ass like he’s a power bottom!

The magazine is still insisting that Cruise and ‘pregnant’ Katie Holmes have secretly broken up and are pretending to still be together.

According to Life & Style, Tom recently announced to Katie that he wants sole custody of their alien child once the creature is born.

"Katie went absolutely nuts and stormed off in tears," says a source close to the couple of how Holmes reacted to Cruise’s news.

Tom event went so far as to ask Katie to sign legal documents granting custody, the mag alleges, and Holmes’ dad, Martin, who reportedly loathes Cruise, became involved.

FYI: Katie’s dad is a lawyer.

tom and katie break up

And, as was the first to exclusively report worldwide, Tom & Katie have been having trouble keeping their alleged facade going and got into a huge fight in public, at a basketball game where Cruise’s daughter was playing.

"They had no clue a photographer was there [inside the game]," reports Life & Style about the argument.

Tom is said to want custody of the child because he is concerned that Katie won’t raise it as a Scientologist.

"For him to ask Katie to give up custody is just horrible," says a friend of the couples. "It just reinforces her attitude that he only cares about himself."

In fact, according to TomKat’s pals, "Katie is so turned off by Tom and his lifestyle, she’s almost ready to make a clean break."

Bring it!